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"please, someone...wake me from this nightmare"

Jake Grey ~ Devour
16 August
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RP journal for the character Jake Grey from the 2005 movie Devour.

The role was portrated by a very gorgeous, fresh-faced and young cutie version of Jensen Ackles, who owns himself and all rights are to respective owners.

I own NOTHING and mun and muse are both 18+!

[Character History/Changes to Canon]

the story of Devour sees our protagonist, Jake Grey, having horrific visions of murder and self-mutilation. When his two wayward, lost friends Dakota and Conrad persuade him to start playing an online Roleplaying Game known as 'The Pathway', things really start to get downright crazy.

Following the sudden, bizarre deaths of his two friends, Jake discovers that the game isn't a game at all, but a means for Aiden Carter (an influential man devoted to The Dark Arts and stanic rituals) to find a child that had been stolen from the Devil. Jake is that child.

Upon confronting his birth mother, he attempts to kill her, rejecting what many believe to be his true birthright for favour of living as a human. His attempt fails and he is knocked out, coming to in the morning to the accusation that he killed his adoptive parents (really, it was the Devil) and his last words to the audience seem to be his mental train of thought. He wonders if it all really happened, or if he made 'The Pathway' up in his head merely to cover up his crimes...

[Canon of Playing]

I'm going to be playing Jake both during and after the film canon. Since he was arrested at the end, I'm going for an assumption he did a bit of time, but it couldn't go to trial for lack of evidence. Despite the bloody ritual area and his general appearance, there was nothing incriminating there that could be traced to him - whether this was pure luck or some other Higher Power's doing, Jake doesn't know. He hopes never to find out.

Now he's keeping his head down, trying to finish University, works part-time both as a technician (as before) and a carer at the home his adoptive mother had been. He's generally a quiet soul, but he'll still occasionally have fun and the odd fling. He's only human. Or so he tells himself. It's something he desperately wants to be and accepted for...


He used to be popular, the kind of guy that got along with everyone, kept his head down, got good grades and engaged in the odd bit of dangerous fun. Now, that's all changed. Occasionally, you'll get chinks out of him. The old Jake, but that's only if you're very lucky and he's either drunk, or trusts you enough to let you in. Which, right now is a rarity.

Soft-spoken and polite, mostly, he's a little rough around the edges, but generally he's still that lost guy trying to fit in where he used to be able to so easily...before his life was turned upside down...


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